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Palestinian works

I was born and raised in Italy during the 70’s and as a teenager I inevitably became aware of the Palestinian question which in those years was one of the “best sellers” in the media market. Over the decades I read articles, visited exhibitions, saw films and participated in some protests, but these only served to create a wider gap between them and me, highlighting the differences between us. I felt myself to be distant from them, both geographically as well as culturally. Once I arrived in Lebanon, I quickly realized that my vision of the situation was incomplete and that the distance was in fact not as big as I had imagined. I therefore decided to make a series of portraits of people working in this country, all Palestinians. It was with the idea of adding some weight to the other side of the story and narrowing the gap for those who, like me, have lived through the media coverage in western countries of the last three decades. Some of the people portrayed have no type of documentation, others have refugee status and others have either Lebanese and/or another citizenship. All have in common the same origin and the fact that they live and work in Lebanon. Those of you that have a wish to deepen your understanding of the issues will discover that for Palestinians either without documentation or with refugee status, it’s extremely difficult if not impossible to access almost all basic civil rights, amongst those obviously, the right to work. The related bibliography is large and easy to access. Among the sources the Palestinian Human Rights Organization.