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Before the rain

In June of 2012, fascinated by the “the wave of media attention” covering the politacal leader Aung San Suu Kyi, we decided to visit Burma, Asia, in search of signs of the change. A few weeks into our stay, we realized that it would be hard for us to see Burma as a place in transition. The country is still under military dictatorship and more recently has also fallen under the dicatorship of international financial instituations.
These images are part of a series of portraits taken at Lake Inya where most of the universitaries are located . These are the new faces of the country, the strongest sign of change we have found.
I decided not to add their names as it was pretty sensless to translate them and I didn’t see the point of it. They are all Burmese universitary students between 17 and 24.
‘Before the rain’ has been printed in a postcard format and given to hundreds of students before we left the country. The project has been realized together with Linda Zeiberte and with the logistic support of New Zero Art Space in Yangon.